Established in 1998, Hedy Computer is an white-hair desktop computer ODM company in the world. With leading technology and strong R&D capability, Hedy has become a leader in hi-tech markets and the best partner providing quality design and manufacturing services to brands worldwide.
With the strategy of "Rooted in Guangzhou,  with broad vision and aggressive expansion in the global market" , Hedy integrated worldwide resources in technology to ensure that Hedy Computer Inc. has technological advantages to design, develop, and manufacture high value-added products and solutions for customers.
There has R&D center and production base in Huangpu District, Guangzhou, China . The IT industry base covers an area of 150,000 square meters, owns a professional R&D and production team with more than 1200 employees. Hedy established a complete industrial chain with Manufacturing processes such as product development, design, mold, stamping and injection moldingspraying, AI, SMT, assembly, etc,are all completed in the base.
Hedy Computer continues to seek innovation and strives to exceed excellence through innovative product design, core technology advancement as core power.
In recent years, we have continuously demonstrate our innovative thinking in various areas, including cloud computing technology, servers, high definition video conferencing systems,Intelligent game terminal. Furthermore, many intellectual property rights were granted to the aforementioned technology
Leveraging our advantages and resources accumulated in desktop PC industry, Hedy Computer has successfully diversified product portfolio to predominate future business growth.
With 20 years of history, the company continues to seek innovation to stay ahead of the fast moving technology industry , and tackle challenges ahead through continuous exploration and strong desire to excel.
Together we can achieve greater success and continue to accelerate Company value.
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