Customer Service
Customization service:
Hedy Industrial & Intelligent Edge Computing Equipment ODM Solution Service
With professional technical ability and R&D advantages, Hedy combines rich experience in years of customer service to provide customers with customization for industrial computer/edge computing terminals. Regardless of single board development or system complete machine customization, The task can be completed quickly and Shorten the time to market for customer products.

One-stop aggregation service
With the service for the personal computer, industrial computer and intelligent edge computing equipment industry for more than 20 years,Hedy has established a stable strategic business partnership with upstream and downstream partners in the industry chain. In cooperation with Intel, ARM and other partners , Hedy computer provide you with a full range of services Guarantee ; From computer hardware to operating system, product drivers, Hedy computer offer a complete range of optimal cost-effective solutions.

Integrity and Cooperation to Ensure Efficiency
Starting with your first requirement, Hedy all employees will be your most loyal partners, They will respond to your needs in the first time. Based on the long-term commitment to grow with customers, Hedy's one-stop service system will ensure that the products you need reach the agreed goals within the contract period. As a manufacturing enterprise, We are well aware of the importance of normal shutdown and operation for production equipment. Through the guarantee system and coordinated planning, Hedy's "one-stop aggregation service system" fully guarantee the reliability of production, clear responsibilities between Hedy service teams, simplified management , greatly enhance personalized service and customer satisfaction.
Hedy computer has a professional R&D team, to guarantee details including operator skills, parts quality and delivery, maintenance technology and standards, quality assurance and plant environment. In the spirit of customer-centricity, different requirements will be customized according to customer needs, and providing customized service solutions.
Over the years, we have been in constant contact with our customers and learned that customized services are more suitable for their needs, and Customers are also more interested in customized service solutions. So we continue to improve the level of customized service for easily providing unique needs solutions to provide maximum value to customers.

Development and process:
With professional technical ability and R&D advantages, Hedy Computer provides customized solutions for all kinds of special computer boards and products for customers.
Completing customized development of board products in 60 working days.
Completing customization of structural products in 30 working days.
Customer-oriented flexible ODM design process:
Demand management.
Choosing the right key components.
Software and hardware development.
Design review.
Cost, test and production design.
Prototype development.
Test concept and benchmark test design.
Reliability, validation and customer acceptance testing.
Reliability, validation and customer acceptance testing.
Quality planning and management run through the whole process of mass production to ensure the product maturity of mass production.

 Main board customization
In addition to providing standard embedded boards such as 3.5 inch, Mini-ITX, Thin Mini-ITX, ATX and special boards for self-service terminals, Hedy also provides customization services for non-standard boards.
Customization services for boards include:
* Customized function combination, plate type, interface
* Customized CMOS/BIOS settings
* Customized pre-installed accessories and peripheral equipment
* Customize embedded operating system
* Customized environment and EMC testing, etc.

■Customized machine
Customized services for complete machine and system solutions.
Customized services include:
* Machine structure customization
* System assembly
* Customized CMOS/BIOS settings
* Operating system installation
* Complete system testing
* Customized environment and EMC testing
* Certification tool
* Customized packaging
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